Heather Boyd

I like to focus more on people than technology. I have a passion for teaching.

Now the time prior to the interview you should analysis the questions you suppose you will be asked as well as your answers to those questions. The Boy Scouts aim of being ready is very applicable. candidate  want not  to go into the interview winging it. each person has a certain degree of tenseness when sitting in front of an interview panel. You want to look your greatest and sound your best. Avoid becoming speechless by rehearsing your answers.

“Only thirty percent of the applicants for a police job interview actually pass the interview, and only five percent of them are offered a job with the police force. The main difference between the individuals who pass the examination and those who do not is preparation.” Read More Here….

Let us train you how to answer the interview questions in order to add very high marks for both the assessment centre and the final interview. This complete workbook is full of tough interview questions and answers that cover ALL of the new updated core competencies. Written by a previous serving Officer who has 16 years in the job and includes genuine sample a cop  interview questions.


“A police officer is expected to be assertive. When you enter the interview room, walk right up to each of the panel members, make eye contact with them and give them a firm handshake. The panel will consist of 3 to 5 members in most situations. One of them will be a representative from Human Resources.”Read More Here…


Whether every member of the panel asks questions or only a convenient speaks for the group, be definite to make eye contact with each interviewer in the room. In the law enforcement world, the eye contact are most important conveys confidence and respect. Read more here about Police Officer Interview Tips  visit our website……