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The word-combination “the retirement house” for many people has a negative coloring, and the telling about such homes often become scarecrows for elderly people. However all the retirement homes are aimed at helping to elderly people, so they can spend their days with fun and in relax.

Marie-Louise Connolly from the BBC.com portal in her article shows the importance of retirement homes for elderly and disabled people.

Elderly home care services in NI ‘at breaking point’

Home visits lasting 15 minutes or less are too short to provide dignified personal care, the report says

Home care services across Northern Ireland’s five health trusts are at breaking point, the outgoing commissioner for older people has said.

Claire Keatinge told the BBC that care being provided is failing to meet older people’s needs due to underinvestment.

Her office has carried out a wide-ranging report on home care services.

It asks why many people have to be assessed as “critical” before receiving any care, and also queries the pay and training of domiciliary staff.

The report, entitled Domiciliary Care in Northern Ireland, calls on the government to match need with resources.

Ms Keatinge said older people deserve better. Read the full article here…

Retirement homes are usually designed in accordance with the elderly people’s needs. The day and night caring staff provides the high-quality treatment and can handle any emergency situations.

The FirstLightHomeCare.com resource in the article demonstrates the benefits of the retirement boarding houses.

Personal Care Services
Maintaining Your Dignity

FirstLight Home Care provides a variety of personal care services and aid to assist with the activities of daily living—giving you additional peace of mind and your family member the dignity and comfort he or she deserves. Our senior care centers are here to deliver quality, professional and dependable personal care services.
Bathing and Hygiene

For many health and social reasons, good personal hygiene is very important. Our in home personal caregivers are specially trained in bathing, personal hygiene and other personal care services, and always focus on preserving the dignity, comfort, and health of each client.
Walking and Mobility

Assistance We recognize that our clients can benefit from regular movement both physically and mentally. Our personal caregivers carefully consider the physical limitations and comfort of each client’s ability to walk, climb stairs, get in and out of vehicles, and make other routine movements as they assist them.
Transfer and Posture

Positioning In addition to helping our clients with regular movement around the home or around town, our personal care services also concentrate on making sure each client maintains proper posture for eating or while sitting and reading or watching television. This helps with digestion and circulation. We can also assist with helping clients get in and out of bed or the bathroom. Read the full article here…

The following video demonstrates the way of life in the modern retirement homes.

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